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  There are moments in our lives when we feel overwhelmed by the situations we are going through, these affecting us both on a physical and mental level.


  Psychological counselling/ Psychotherapy can be of help in the following issues:



-panic attacks


-trauma/ accidents


-sleep issues/behaviour

-stress management

-low self esteem


  My training in Integrative Psychotherapy allows me to combine a variety of therapeutic tools and approaches and create a model that works for you, the client.


  In the therapeutic process, a huge importance is the trust relationship between the client and therapist, a key element in the efficiency of the therapy.


  Let's have a chat about what troubles you in my office, where first of all you will meet the real and profound human I am before turning into the therapist role.


  The sessions can be either face to face or online via a HIPPA Compliant Medical Platform.

Individual adult Counselling/Psychotherapy


50 minutes - £70

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