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the creation of our aromatherapy products

Behind the scenes


We reference to our Aromatherapy recipe book that we made, where we write all our recipes for the products.


All our products are made to order. The moment we receive an order on our Etsy online shop, that's when we prepare the product and ship it to you. This is to ensure that our products reach you in their best, freshest quality, so you can enjoy their benefits for longer.


Before making the products, we choose high quality essential oil brands, that provide ethnically sourced essential oils, are vegan and have a high therapeutic grade.


The rose petals we use in our Self Love Bath salt are picked and dried by us.


We also make our own labels that provide all the ingredients used, instructions and descriptions, each accompanied by an icon that suits them.


Fun fact: Our most wanted Aromatherapy product is the Restful Sleep Pillow Spray. This recipe has plenty of positive reviews.

After placing the label, it is time to charge the product with Reiki Healing Energy. To find out more about Reiki, check out What is Reiki? page or visit our Instagram where we made a more in depth post about it.


We carefully and lovingly wrap the product in tissue paper, seal it with a cute sticker and it is ready to be on its way to you.


We hope this article has given you an insight into our small business, and we are forever grateful for your support.

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