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Laura Wellness Centre Aromatherapy


A new level of wellness has been achieved by combining essential oils with Universal healing energy. Click here to learn what Reiki is and how you can benefit from it.



Our carefully formulated roll-on blends with 100% natural ingredients, have been harmoniously blended and designed to soothe, ease and enhance your sense of wellbeing, while alleviating common everyday issues.

Bath Salts

Our bath salts have been specially created to help you detox, relax and tend to your body. Whether your muscles are tight or you need a boost of self-love, our products are here to offer you a blissful experience.


Pillow Spray

Infused with soothing essential oils, our collection of pillow sprays has been designed to get your body and mind ready for a night of deep relaxation, and a feeling of serenity.

Room Sprays

Create little moments of peace and joy with soothing Room Sprays infused with pure essential oils. 

Take control of your own wellbeing.

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