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What people say


I feel that returning to therapy has been very helpful, it was done by own choice to work on things following my ADHD diagnosis and treatment with the hope I am able to actually maintain habits/lessons now and I have both accomplished this and also learned more about myself and behaviours than I had previously learned from past therapy experiences.


I feel like we have covered a lot of topics and aspects of my life in therapy and I am comfortable discussing these things. I do feel like I can handle a lot more situations and my confidence and willingness to do things has increased. It has helped me prioritise and understand what is important to me, to understand my emotions more and aknowledge how I am feeling, and feel less guitly about resting and not overworking myself.


Since I started therapy, I have seen a major change in my temper, I am no longer anxious and I feel better about myself.


It felt magical how quickly and efficient Laura succeeded helping me shed light on important life situations, and to balance myself in order to take right decisions.


I came to Laura following a very low point with my anxiety, and right from session one, I felt more positive about the future, knowing that I had a plan going forward.

I particularly valued  having a safe space to reflect on the issues I was facing,  having someone objective who could use their experience to re-frame and re-balance my problems and thoughts, and having practical things I could do away from our sessions.


When I left the office after having the first session with Laura, I was literally another person. With just a few words, she reduced the level of my anxiety to minimum. Laura made me feel safe, listened to and understood.


Since I started therapy, I feel more confident, and I'm thankful for all the support Laura gave me.


I came to see Laura when I felt very anxious and emotionally drained. Laura helped me understand my emotions and gave me useful tools I can use to relax and keep anxiety under control.


Laura just seems to get where I am coming from and her intuition and skillful listening really helps to focus my thoughts and reminds me every time to be more self-compassionate. I am so grateful for her continued support on both a personal and professional development level.

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